Verge Coin Wallet Error – Electrum Wallet Error and QT Wallet Syncing Errors

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In last few days there was an attack on verge. So, pools like suprnova and others had closed their pools. Due to this we have to explore new options and tried pools like Yiimp or JKCpool. Where we have to use an verge wallet address for mining. Unlike suprnova where wallet address is managed by the pool here you have to manage wallet.

So, what’s is the problem here. You can think of using exchange wallet address. But you can’t, Exchange like cryptopia or Binance doesn’t recommend you to do so. And if you do so they can also suspend your account. So, In this case we have only two options left either we can use Verge QT wallet or use Verge Electrum one.

Either your balance is stuck in the wallet or you are having Wallet Sync issues, You can find the solution here.

How to Fix Verge QT wallet Sync and Electrum Wallet

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Electrum Wallet and Verge QT wallet Errors

If your wallet is stuck in the Electrum Wallet then you could be facing of either of these issues

You cannot connect to server or disconnected to the server. I had found the various solutions for the same one was to connect to the particular server like electrum steam server, Some guys even recommended to unchecked the SSL option. But unfortunately nothing worked for me.

If you had downloaded the Verge QT wallet and having syncing issues then you may face these issues

You cannot full sync your wallet. As the blockchain is too large this may take a lot of time. Alternatively you can download their block-chain. and paste it in C:/ > Users > Username > appdata > roaming > Verge

XVG Offline Block chain Click here

Now if you had done your problem could be solved but if you are using the address before the Sync your transactions prior to the same could not be retrieved in the wallet. Ib this case you have to sync entire block chain again without the offline block chain you had downloaded. Although your balance is in the block chain so don’t worry. How to retrieve your balance you can find it here.

First you would need to get private key associated with your wallet. Follow these steps to get your private key.

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How to Get XVG or Verge Private Key

For Electrum Users

1. Open XVG electrum wallet.

2. Click on wallet and then open wallet.

3. Select wallet file and open.

4. Go to address tab and Right click on the address and there you will find the option to get your private key

5. Click on that and their you will find your private key.

For Verge QT Wallet Users

1. Open Verge QT wallet.

2. Go to Debug under Help tab.

3. Click on console tab.

4. Enter command dumpprivkey <your wallet address> 

5. You would get your private key.

How to Retrieve Your Lost Verge Balance

1. Download coinomi wallet Click here

2. Click on Create a new wallet.

3. Save seed in next steps (or you can just skip all of them unless you want to use address again)

4. Select Verge and agree to terms of service.

5. Click on three dots on right hand side and select sweep wallet.

6. Enter your private key here.

7. And all of your wallet balance would be transferred to your coinomi wallet.

8. You can send them from this wallet to anywhere you want.

9. And your whole balance would be recovered in this way.

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