Poloniex Referral Program – 10%+25% Off on Trading Fees for New Users+ 20% Commissions For Existing Poloniex Users

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Save your money on Poloniex exchange. Poloniex referral program brings 10% fee discount for new users. If you want to trade on Poloniex exchange, you must use our Poloniex referral code to claim fee rebate. Claim more referral rewards when you register to Poloniex referral program. Poloniex affiliate program could also be a best passive income source. Existing Poloniex users can Earn free USD coin (USDC) via referrals. You can earn 20% of commissions for your referrals up to maximum of 5000 USDC.

Poloniex Referral Code – SSYEXGBR 

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Poloniex Pay Trading Fees TRX

Now Poloniex is giving extra 25% discount on Trading Fees for TRX holders. To claim this hold some TRX in your poloniex wallet. This is a good option to pay for your fees. Claim this with our referral code and you would be getting 10%+25% discount on your trading fees. Isn’t this awesome.

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Poloniex New Users – How to Claim 10% Fee Rebate?

To Claim 10% discount in trading fees New users can follow these steps.

1. Visit Poloniex registration link Click Here

2. Enter your email and desired password.

3. Enter referral code SSYEXGBR

💡 Referral code is a must to claim 10% discount on Poloniex Exchange.

4. Click on Sign up and proceed to Next Step.

5. Click on verification email in your inbox and complete your registration.

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Poloniex Referral Program

Under Poloniex referral program new users would be getting 10% fee rebate in trading fees. Existing Poloniex users can claim 20% commissions when someone uses their referral code. It’s a win-win situation. To participate in poloniex referral program all you need is a poloniex account. If you still not registered to poloniex you can use my referral code SSYEXGBR to register and claim 10% fee rebates. To get your referral code you can visit the link below.

Get your Poloniex Referral code Here – Click Here

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Salient Features of Poloniex Referral Program

  • 10% Fee Rebate for New users registration by using referral code
  • 20% commissions can be earned by existing poloniex users
  • Rewards would only be paid once in USD coin only i.e. USDC
  • You can only earn referral commission for first 180 days from referral registration date.

Terms and Conditions

1. There is no limit on number of referrals. You can refer as many as you want.

2. Rewards are paid once in a day.

3. Referrer and referrals are eligible to receive rewards for up to 180 days from the referral’s sign up date or until the referrer and referral together have earned a combined aggregate of 5,000 USDC.

4. Self referrals are not allowed.

5. Poloniex reserves the right to amend any rule pertaining to poloniex referral program without prior notice.

6. A referral must be linked to referrer account via referral code in order to receive the referral rewards. He must enter the referral code at time of registration to claim the invitation bonus.

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Why Choose Poloniex?

Started in 2014 Poloniex exchange is one of the old and reputed crypto exchange registered in Seychelles. Trade 100+ crypto pairs, FTX leverage tokens, margin trading on Poloniex exchange. Along with the Poloniex trading platform these Poloniex products are also attractive.

Safe and Reliable Platform

Since 2014 Poloniex is being a safe and reliable trading platform for traders. Over the years they are constantly improving their trading platform along with their customer support. Their customer support is still not best in the space. But their trading platform and variety of crypto assets could not be ignored.

Poloniex LaunchBase

You can participate in token sales via Poloniex LaunchBase. You can participate in IEO and become the early investors in that crypto project. JST is going to be the first IEO on Poloniex LaunchBase. You can participate in JST Token sale via using your Poloniex account.

Poloniex Margin Trading

If you want to amplify your profits you can choose margin trading on Poloniex. Margin trading on Poloniex is a bit different from leverage trading. Margin Trading enables you to use borrowed funds from Poloniex rather than using your own. Whereas your funds are used as the collateral for the borrowed fund. You can enter the maximum loan rate (daily interest) you want for your margin. You can also lend your money on Poloniex Margin Trading and can earn daily interest on your funds.

PoloniDEX – A decentralized Exchange from Poloniex

Formerly known as TRXmarket, PoloniDEX is the largest decentralized exchange in Tron ecosystem. You can trade TRX based tokens on PoloniDEX. Unlike etherdelta I found PoloniDEX more user friendly. All the transactions on PoloniDEX are executed via TRX smart contracts and are securely saved on Tron blockchain. You don’t require an Poloniex exchange to trade on PoloniDEX. You can access PoloniDEX via tronlink.

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