Binance Futures Referral Code – 10% Discount on Trading Fees + Binance Hedge Mode

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Binance futures referral program brings 10% Off on Trading Fees for New users. In order to claim this discount you have to use Binance futures referral link to register. You can do margin trading, futures and option trading on Binance Futures trading platform. 10% discount is valid for all users who joins binance futures using the referral code webleone. This is also valid for existing Binance users. Earn more profits via Binance futures hedge mode. Hedge mode would help you to earn profits in both bull and bear markets. check out the tutorial how to use enable and use hedge mode on Binance Futures Trading Platform.

Binance Futures is a  crypto derivative platform like Bitmex and bybit.  Here you are not investing directly into the assets. In Derivatives trading the price is decided on the basis of an underlying asset. If you are making a trade on perpetual contract of Bitcoin with 10X margin. Here your position is directly related with the price action of Bitcoin. Currently Binance Futures support 24 trading pairs. You can also earn more via Binance Futures Referral Program and Affiliate Program.

Register Using Binance Futures Referral Code and Get 10% Off on Trading Fees

Binance Futures Referral Code – webleone

Registration Link

Should Beginners Join Binance Futures

The answer is YES. Whether you are a expert trader or a beginner one, we invest our money to earn more. Nobody can predict the future, even the veteran traders could not be 100% sure on their trades. There is an old saying in Wall Street that market is run by two emotions FEAR and GREED. If you can control your emotions you can get higher profits.

In derivatives trading you are not actually owns the token or asset. You are trading on them and there could be instances where your position gets liquidated. It’s a high risk high reward game. Derivative trading gives you more purchase power in terms of the leverages. Here trades up to 100 times your deposit than the regular trades. More profits could be earned through Binance futures platform.

Tips for a better Trade in Binance Futures

If you are an experienced trader you would love the Binance futures trading platform. If you are new to leverage trading always be cautious. These are my tips which would help you get more profits and less losses.

  • Use Lower Risks – If you are not an expert trader. First Start with lower leverages on your trade.
  • DYOR – Always Do Your Own Research before making a trade. Decide the entry and exit points before making a trade, this helps you to make more profits and less losses.
  • Fear and Greed – Avoid fear of missing out (FOMO) and fear of losing (Greed). It’s better to buy low and sell high. Chasing an asset at inflated price could lead to a less profitable trade.
  • Use Stop Limits – It’s a good practice to keep stop limit. They help to get you less losses. It’s preventive measure, never put too tight stop limits. Tight stop limits triggered easily and could influence your trade in a bad way.

How to Claim 10% Trading Fees Discount at Binance Futures

1. Register To Binance If not already Click Here else login to your binance account.

2. Use email and password to register.

💡 Above Registration Link would also get your 10% Discount on trading fees on Binance exchange.

3. Visit Binance Futures link Click Here

4. Enter Futures Referral code webleone on registration to get 10% discount on Binance Futures

5. Click on OK and Now you can trade with 10% discount on trading fees on your binance futures account.

💡 you can use same credentials for both Binance and Binance Futures Exchange.

Futures Referral Code

Binance Futures Hedge Mode

Binance Futures Hedge mode is a crypto derivative trading tool. By using Hedge Mode you can trade BTC, ETH and other assets on both directions i.e. long or short. Hedge mode give you option to open positions both in bear market as well as bull market.

Read more about Binance Futures Hedge Mode Here

Binance Futures Guide

Binance had already an segment for this. Here I am providing the terms in simplified way. If you already familiar with leverage trading you can skip this.

Term Explanation
Perpetual Contract Perpetual Contract is having No expiry.
Margin Margin is the money borrowed from a brokerage firm to purchase an investment. You can also add and remove margins to your positions.
Leverage Leverages is an investment strategy of using borrowing money. Leverages are used to amplify your returns.
Liquidation Price Price at which your position is executed at market price. Leverage and margins are the deciding factor in calculating the liquidation price. Always be cautious of this Price.
Market Order Order executed at market price. Market orders are executed immediately.
Limit Order Order executed at a specified price decided by the traders.
Stop Limit Trigger price to limit your losses. Use stop limits to your positions. Stop limits can also be used with buy and sell orders.
Cross Margin Mode Margin balance is shared across all open positions to avoid liquidation. In the event of liquidation you risk losing your full margin balance along with any remaining open positions.
Isolated Margin Mode Margin Balance is allocated individual positions. Margin can be added or removed to positions using this mode
Buy/Long Execute a Buy Order
Sell/Short Execute a Sell Order
Unrealized PnL Current profit and loss from all open positions.

Read full Binance Futures Guide Here

Binance Futures Referral Program

How to Become a Binance Futures Affiliate

A Binance Futures Affiliate is always having advantages over referrer. Where a referrer can earn  Everyone can join Binance Futures Referral Program. But if you want to become an Binance Futures affiliate. There are some certain conditions you have to fulfill.

Benefits of Binance Futures Affiliate

Higher referral commissions up to 30%. You would be entitled to get 30% commissions for 1000+ referrals. For referrals less than 20% you would be getting 20% commissions.

BNB holding commissions is waived off for affiliates

💡 Under Binance futures referral program. You are entitled to get up to 20% commissions. Extra 10% commission you can earn by holding 500 BNB in your account.

Requirements for Binance Futures Affiliate

Individual 5000+ Subscribers or followers on social media channel
Crypto Community Community with 500+ members
  • 2000+ Users
  • Market analysis platform with 5000+ daily visits
  • Industry media platform
  • Crypto Fund
  • Aggregate Trading Platform

The affiliate rates are valid for first 90 days. To continue getting these higher commissions you need 100+ active traders from your referrals.

How To Become an Binance Futures Affiliate

1. Join Binance Futures Click Here

2. Register using your email and password.

3. If you meet the criteria above. Apply to Binance Futures Affiliate here Click Here

4. Complete the form and submit.

5. Binance team would check and approve your account.

A quick guide for Bitmex Leverage Trading

Terms and Conditions

1. 10% of the discount would be valid for the first 30 days of joining the binance futures.

2. Referral rewards can only be earned from friends which are VIP 1 or below. Once a friend you have referred reaches VIP level 2 or above, you will not be able to earn referral reward from them.

3. Referral bonus can only be earned for the first 12 months on referrals.

4.  Liquidation fees are not included in the Binance Futures referral program.

5. Self invite is not permitted.

6. Binance reserves the right to amend any rules pertaining to the program without prior notice.

7. Any violation of term could lead to termination of your account.

8. No Harmful, offensive or misinterpretation referral codes are allowed for binance futures referral program. If found, any referral bonus earned would be forfeited.

9. Imitating Binance domains or social account can also lead to a ban on your account. Your referral reward become 0 in such cases.

10. Brand bidding is not allowed.

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