Best Crypto Exchange – Exchanges To Buy/Sell/Trade Bitcoin and Other Crypto Assets

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Best crypto-currency exchange in 2021 is gonna hard to decide. We all want a safe and reliable exchange to trade our hard earned money. Here is the list of exchanges where I am trading. These exchanges are having a good reputation. You can register to the best crypto exchange. Not only this There are many New user perks where you get extra discounts and bonuses on registration. Here are the best exchanges where you can buy bitcoin and trade other crypto assets.

The number of crypto-currency exchanges are increasing. Not only the renowned like Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex or Poloniex But the New Exchange like Kucoin are also performing well. How could you spot the best crypto-currency exchange and How to avoid the worst exchanges.

Best Crypto Exchange in 2023

Binance Futures – 10% Discount on Trading Fees

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High Liquidity + lots of cool trading options, My personal favorite exchange.

Binance – 10% Discount on Trading Fees

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Best Exchange for Alt-coins+

20% Discount on trading fee for Users Registration through Binance Referral Program

KuCoin – Referral Discounts + 10$ Margin Fund

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Best Exchange for New Altcoins + you might found some altcoin gems here

Bitmex – 10% Trading Fees Discount

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It’s also one of the old crypto exchanges. You can find some Altcoins gems which can give you even 20x profits.

Bybit – Free 90$ Trading Bonus

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Good exchange for Leverage Trading + high Liquidity

90 USD Trading Bonus for User registration under Bybit Referral Program

Phemex – Free 72$ Trading Fees + Premium Memebership

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Invitation Bonus is really good.

OKX – 10$ Bonus on First Deposit of 100$+

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Good Exchange if you want to see some arbitrage trades. High Liquidity and overall a good exchange

Poloniex – 10% Discount on Trading Fees

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Legendary Crypto Exchange, Lots of Altcoin pairs with high liquidity

Bitmex – 10% Discount on Trading Fees

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If you want to leverage trading with BTC as collateral. Bitmex might be the best choice out there.

WazirX – Convert Bitcoin to INR easily

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Buy and sell Bitcoin and Other Crytpo Assets in INR+Good Customer support

Great exchange for users in India+ Instant transfer USDT to Binance

What is a Crypto-currency Exchange?

Crypto-currency exchange helps you to trade in different cryptocurrencies. Most of the cryptocurrencies do allow Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin trading. While the selected few have unique crypto-currency listing. All exchanges had their set of rules to get coins listed. e.g. Binanace lists some of it’s coins through Community which called as the Community coin of the month. And several other criteria does implies with the coin listing, Market Cap, team, project and more. Exchanges like Cryptopia does allow new coins to be listed, and some coins are also community coins or team had low experience. Security is also a major issue for traders. In 2014 we had witnessed the Mt. Gox where  850,000 bitcoins were stolen.

Do you Know how much that worth 12 Billion US Dollars. That is insane money, and people lost theirs. There are some of the criteria you should consider before giving your money into the exchange. How to find the right exchange suited your needs I would help you with that. There are factors you can consider before using a exchange. Different exchanges does have different pro and cons. Due to high inflation many exchanges had temporarily stopped new registrants and also some are lagging. At the end of this post I will list some of the best and secure exchanges where you can register and start trading ASAP.

My Experience with Crypto Exchanges

In early 2018 scenario, Crypto market had increased at about 800 billion dollars. Astonishing, yes 7 years ago somebody had bought a pizza worth 10,000 Bitcoins. Which today worth at 170 Million Dollars. There are lots of places and exchanges you can sell and use your bitcoins. Not only the Bitcoin but there are about 1400 cryptocurrencies are present and the number is still increasing.

In 2019 crypto-currency market lots of events had been happened, Market cap came down from 800 Billions to only 113 Billion USD. Good Exchanges like Cryptopia had been hacked and Millions of Dollars had been gone with the death of QuadrigaCX’s 30 years old Founder Gerald Cotten. Not only this Early 2021 and other good exchange like cobinhood had also halted trading.

I had also traded with scam exchanges like coinmarkets and liqui.  These are the exchanges which every trader must avoid. Always research the exchanges where you want to trade. Cryptopia and cobinhood had also been shut down. These were once good exchanges, However crypto market being unpredictable. They do have to take the hard steps. But in the case of coinmarkets they did vanished and nothing could be done towards the money which had been lost.

I would only be recommending you the exchanges where you can be assure of safety and reliability. These exchanges are backed by good institutions. Not only they are safe, these exchanges also have good liquidity and user friendly interface.

Which are the Safe and Reliable Crypto-Currency Exchanges?

I am only listing here the exchanges which i am currently using and i will recommend you to Use.


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PrimeXBT is the best exchange if you want to leverage trade. You can register in less than a minute. You won’t need KYC to use PrtimeXBT. Advance order types and multi deposit options are available with PrimeXBT. Lowest Transaction fees among all Leverage Trading exchanges. Strongly recommended.

➡ Know more about PrimeXBT Referral Program


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Kucoin is fairly new exchange. But this exchange is performing well and is my personal favorite. You can trade on the go via Kucoin app. Kucoin was the first exchange to support NEP-5 tokens and also Neo rewards are distributed among users. Transactions are fast and reliable. It also hosts good promotions to rewards it’s users.


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Binance is China based exchange, Although it’s not yet opened to Chinese users. It has also multi language support You can trade in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean. Customer support is good. It also host good promotions which is cherry on the cake. The trading fee on Binance is lowest. You can also trade on the go via Binance App.


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BitMEX exchange allows you to trade crypto pairs with leverage. This is the one exchange i would only recommend to experienced users. by trading in BitMEX you can maximize your profits several times but the same happens with the losses too.


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Bittrex is a Las Vegas, US based and regulated exchange. It supports more than 190 cryptocurrencies and offers speedy transactions, high stability, and follows some risk management practices. Their KYC process is fast. You can verify yourself and can increase your withdrawal limit to 50 BTC in some hours.


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One of the best exchanges which is there for a while. It’s also the first Exchange where I had traded Bitcoin.


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You can directly swap your currencies to market rate in changelly. It’s simple to use and transactions are faster.


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A trustworthy exchange If you want instant transfers for your crypto assets. Simple and easy to use


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If you are a Indian user. You must use this exchange, This exchange helps you to convert your Crypto assets to INR. WazirX had introduced P2P trades for INR withdrawals. So, in spite of RBI Ban you can use WazirX to withdraw your funds in your Bank Account.

How to Choose a Exchange?


Location plays a major role to use a crypto-currency exchange. As on major exchanges bitcoin is sold as USD pair. So for other countries one can choose exchange which they can use with their currency. As in Thailand you can buy bitcoin on TDAX with Thai baht. In India you can buy Bitcoins with WazirX, You can trade on cryptopia using New Zealand Dollars . Anyhow you can always trade in Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency in each country. But to withdraw or buy Bitcoins you must choose a Exchange or Broker where you can sell/buy them in your native currency.


Often we see the difference in the buy and sell orders. The difference is sometimes lower around 1-2% which is fine and in some cases the difference in 10-20% which is not OK. The markets with higher liquidity should be avoided.

In the exchanges with high liquidity you may get more difference in buy and sell bids. And thus you cannot sell your buy bid immediately. This also causes accidental bids, which turns into loss in funds.

Customer Support

There would be instances when your transactions get blocked, or they take more time then needed. Users have to get customer care. What happens if they take weeks to reply, There are lots of the issues which have to address in the shortest time possible. You should also take this criteria when choosing a exchange.

Trading Fees

Different exchanges does have different trading fees. These fees apply when you place a buy bid or sell bid. Most of the exchanges have 0.025% maker fees and 0.01% taker fees. You should not trade with higher than these fees.

The maker fee applies when you place a limit buy below market price or a limit sell above market price. The maker fee is paid only when such orders are taken by new incoming orders.

The taker fee applies when you place a market or limit order that executes immediately against a limit order already on the book.

In simple words Limit buy/sell bids consists of maker fee and Market orders consists of taker fee.

Some exchanges like Binance or Kucoin gives 50% Off on trading fees.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees could be defined as the charges incurred when you perform a deposit and withdrawal transactions on any exchange. Deposit Charges are Nil. But Exchanges incur withdrawal charges and you must check these before performing any withdrawal from an exchange.


Security must be your top most criteria for choosing an exchange. Less secure exchanges could let you lose your funds. So those must be avoided. We won’t want to repeat Mt. Gox incident. Or lose a penny of our hard earned money. Check exchanges for cold storage. Exchanges could be attacked via Trojan viruses or phishing attacks.

Cold storage are those which are never connected to internet. thus keeping your balances in the offline wallet and making them more secure. If you want to hold your coins i would suggest you to store them in Ledger or any desktop wallet. Keep only trading balance in exchanges.

You must enable 2 factor authentication in your exchange account. This step is also very important to safe keeping your coins. Always enable these options, I would recommend you to use Google authenticator.

Reputation and Social presence

You must also check exchanges reputation online and social presence. Check exchanges twitter, Facebook page. Those are also helpful when you need to reach customer support. Some exchanges does have telegram and discord channels there you can interact with the users and can check their customer experience. This would also help you to select the best crypto-currency exchange.


I also want to include one suggestion. Never store your crypto assets in exchange wallet If you are not trading. You can either use Ledgers or desktop wallets. and always remember to store your private keys in a safe place.

You can always find a good exchange. There are also many good exchanges than the listed ones. There are also more good exchanges viz. Coinbase, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Livecoin, etherdelta, OKX, Huobi etc.

There are some exchanges which i won’t recommend you to use. Those are Coinsmarkets, Liqui, Tdax. Coinsmarkets is unexpectedly down for last few days and also they had no social presence or any office address. In Liqui and Tdax exchanges i did experienced customer support issue and transaction errors there.

You can always find the best exchanges which suits you well. You can use above mentioned exchanges or find a good one via how to choose a exchange.

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