Simple Guide for Grin Node Setup in Windows + VMware Ubuntu Setup

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Grin wallet is only available for Mac OS and Linux Platforms at the moment of writing this post. Grin is still in early development phase. If you are one of the Grin wallet users who is getting errors on setting up Grin wallet or Grin  node. You had came to the right place. In this post I would be talking about grin wallet node setup and how can you install Grin wallet on Windows 10.

I had got issues while following steps by Grin GitHub page. So I did modified it bit and it works. If you are getting errors you can comment down below and I would help you with the same.

I am keeping this post short If you have additional queries, You can ask them via comments

How to Install Ubuntu in Windows and Grin Node Setup

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Install Ubuntu on Windows using VMware

We are going to install Grin wallet on Windows using VMware. You can download the prerequisites for installation in the links below.

VMware    Ubuntu

➡ Recommended- Use VMware workstation player and Ubuntu 32 Bit. VMware workstation is free and had enough features to do the task.

Once you downloaded the above follow these steps

1. Go to your downloads folder and click on VMware setup.

2. Complete the installation of VMware.

3. Now Click on Create a New Virtual machine.

4. Then browse your Ubuntu iso disk which you had downloaded from above and click on next.

5. Enter your user name and password which you want to choose and click on Next.

6. Go to next step and specify disk capacity for installation.

💡 you can go with the default values it would work fine.

7. In the last step click on finish and complete the installation this might take a while.

8. Now your workstation is ready and you can run it via clicking on open a virtual machine and then play virtual machine.

Installing Grin Node on Ubuntu – Grin Node Setup

Step 1 – Installing Prerequisites

1. Run Ubuntu on VMware.

2. Open Firefox browser in Ubuntu and download latest grin release from GitHub  Click Here

3. Once downloaded you can see it in downloads folder.

4. Copy and paste it into Home directory.

💡 You can also install it via downloads directory but it’s easier to do from Home directory

5. Open terminal and install Build-essentials via command copy the command below and paste it in the terminal

💡 You can also use shortcut for terminal by pressing simultaneously Ctrl+Alt+T 

sudo apt-get install build-essential.

enter your password and press enter. It may a take some time to install. let it complete and then go to next step.

6. Now install rust

sudo apt install curl


curl -sSf | sh; source $HOME/.cargo/env

💡 if you are getting error “curl not installed” then use If not then skip this command

sudo apt install curl

and then install rust via above command.

Step 2 – Install Grin Node – Alternate Method

I am not using the same method which was given in the tutorial at official grin page that didn’t work for me. So, here is my modified version of the same.

1. Open Firefox browser in Ubuntu and download latest grin release from GitHub  Click Here

2. Once downloaded you can see it in downloads folder.

3. Copy and paste it into Home directory.

Method by Grin GitHub

Type following commands to terminal

tar xzf grin-v1.0.1-487947758-linux-amd64.tgz

mkdir ~/grin

cp grin ~/grin

echo export ‘PATH=~/grin:$PATH’ >> ~/.bashrc

source ~/.bashrc

and then type grin it should work and if doesn’t then follow the alternate method.

Alternate Method

Use this method only if above method doesn’t work

4. Now open terminal and enter this

tar xzf grin-v1.0.1-487947758-linux-amd64.tgz

5. Go to Home Directory and then create a new folder name it “New1”.

6. Copy Grin file to this new folder.

7. Then Rename This folder to grin

8. Then type following into terminal

echo export ‘PATH=~/grin:$PATH’ >> ~/.bashrc

source ~/.bashrc

9. Now you can run your grin node by typing grin in terminal.

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