Verge Coin Mining (XVG) – Nvidia 1080 Ti Guide, 0.53 USD Per Day Profit (Suprnova Pool Live Again)

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Verge coin or XVG Mining for Nvidia 1080 Ti, Which Algo should you use to mine verge coin to get the maximum rewards? Which is the best miner suitable to mine Verge coin (XVG) for each algo? Why to mine Verge coin? All of the answer to these questions I will add to this post. According to Whattomine, Verge coin is the most profitable coin for Nvidia 1080 Ti at the moment. Estimated coins are about 26 Verge coins per day. I would be telling the method by which you can mine 75 Verge coins per day. How? You can read this post.

Note : curates coins which are most profitable for a mining rig. But, there are lots of coins which are not included in their database. 24 hour estimate profits are not so accurate. So, I won’t recommend you to rely fully on whattomine. But it’s a good tool by which you can get regular coins profitability. 

Verge Coin Mining – 80 Coins Per Day, Best X17 Miner

Market had taken a dip so does it had affects prices of Alts

XVG price is on uptrend but so the difficulty is hope you had mined XVG before and even now it’s the most profitable coin for 1080 Ti. Miners on First call enjoy your sweet profit

Now Profitability is down to 0.53 USD per day [7 January 2019]

➡ Most Profitable Coin for Nvidia 1080Ti Mining 2020- Grin Coin

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Why to Mine Verge (XVG) Coin ?

Verge coin is designed for everyday purposes. XVG transactions are private and fast. It is a open source platform, and  there is active development team. XVG coin is listed on the large exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Cryptopia, Changelly and more exchanges. Ranked at 29 on coinmarketcap, the coin has the promising future. The coin had already released it’s black paper and done core wallet upgrades. Future updates includes

  • I2P Android Wallet – Will enable on the go transaction for everyday use.
  • Mining Update – Official mining pool and XVGui miner release
  • RSK Smart Contracts
  • New Website.

The best thing about these updates are these all updates are set to be done in first quarter of 2018. So, if you want to hold some Verge coin, This is also a good reason to Verge mining.

Coin Mining Specifications

I would recommend to mine on X17 Algorithm so I am only adding specifications for X17 Algo only. If you want other you can ask in comment and I will update that with this post.

Coin Name – Verge (XVG)

Algorithm – Lyra2rev2, X17, Myr-Groestl, Blake2s and scrypt

24 Hour Mining Profitability – 5 USD (X17 algo)

24 hours coin minted – 80 XVG

Price Now – 0.058 USD, 0.00000512 BTC Update 0.00000184 BTC on 07/01/2019

Block Time – 30 seconds

Temperature – 65ºC at 100% TDP

Exchange Listed – Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia, C-Cex, Litebit, SouthXchange, Changelly, HitBTC, Litebit, NovaExchange, CoinSpot, Blocknet ExchangeD, Nexchange, Coinwale, UPbit, Nakamoto, XCoin, SwitchCoin2001, CryptoBridge, Changenow, Tradesatoshi, CoinsReady, Godex

Best Verge (XVG) Algorithm to Mine on Nvidia 1080 Ti GPU?

You can mine Verge coin on Lyra2V2, Myr-Groestl, X17, Blake2s and scrypt. For 1080 Ti I had used Lyra2V2 and X17 algorithms for my card. For Lyra2V2 algo I had used ccminer hsr miner. and for X17 I had used ccminer alexis miner.

These were the miner which gave me max hashrates for these algos.

I was getting 20 MH/s for X17 algorithm with ccminer alexis miner. and 72 MH/s for Lyra2V2 algorithm on ccminer hsr miner. But 24 hour profitability was more on X17 miner was giving 100 coin per day and for Lyra2V2 25 coins per day on my Aorus Xtreme Nvidia 1080 Ti Graphic Card. Hash Rates are different for different 1080 Ti manufacturers found maximum on Zotac Amp Extreme.

You can download them here

Verge coin X17 Algorithm Best Miner Click here

Verge coin Lyra2V2 Algorithm Best Miner Click here

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How to Mine Verge (XVG) Coin?

1. Join Verge X17 Pool at suprnova  Suprnova Yiimp   JKCpool

11/04/2018 Update Suprnova Pool is Live Again 

Supernova Pools are closed for XVG Added Pools where you can mine XVG. You can mine on Yiimp. You can use electrum wallet for address If you don’t want to sync full blockchain (I will do that, I don’t like syncing process).

Download XVG wallet at Click here

2. Register using your email address, choose password, username and your pin.

3. Login into your account.

4. Go to sidebar, choose my workers under my account.

5. Add a worker.

6. Download ccminer Click here

7. Edit workername and worker password in VergeX17.bat file edit with notepad.

ccminer -a x17 -o stratum+tcp:// -u ahmeddanish226.user -p pass

8. Run VergeX17.bat and you are mining now.

Overclock Settings

These overclock settings i am using currently

TDP – 100%

Core – +75

Memory Clock – +400

Graphic Card – Gigabyte 1080 Ti Aorus Xtreme edition

Application Used – MSI Afterburner


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  2. Thx, but can’t get it to work. Result for 0000012 does not validate on CPU! Only the ccminer 2.2.5 with CUDA9 works for me…

  3. hi! was mining XVG on your pool for 10 hours , but i got no coins , maybe my adress is not correct assigned? , there is another symbol! br gerry

    • there are lots of orphan blocks and high reject rates.
      on JKCpool i won’t recommend you to mine as hashrate is low for XVG mining
      and i don’t own any mining pool


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