Grin Coin Mining Guide – [January Hardfork] 0.70$ Profit with Nvidia 1080Ti +Failed to Validate Error [Solved]

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Grin coin Mining guide on 1080Ti for Windows. If you are looking for best mining pool for Grin-coin mining, you are at the right place. I am also mining Grin. and This is the best coin and Most profitable coin to mine  with Nvidia 1080 Ti. Unlike other coin which are giving day profitability of 50 cents or less you can grab 1 USD daily profitability per card on Grin coin Mining. You can also download the best miner for Grin coin Mining with this post. You would also find the best exchange for Grin where you can sell your Grins at maximum profits.

Most Profitable Coin to Mine with Nvidia 1080 Ti – Grin, 1 USD Per Day Per Card Profit

Grin January Hardfork January 2020

New Algorithm to mine Grin had been introduced called “cuckaroom”. Use this guide to mine Grin on Windows on your Nvidia Graphic Cards

To Know more about the Grin Hard Fork please visit Grin Official Forum

Error : “Failed to validate solution”

If you are mining grin and getting this error you should update your miners please download updated miners. use NBminer or gminer to mine grin on cuckatood29 on nvidia graphic cards.

Grin coin is hard forked and if you are mining on cuckatoo29 you should update your miners. On block 262,080, Grin mainnet has hard forked. As such, the secondary proof of work has changed.

New Grin coin Miner for cuckaroom29 Algo, Nvidia 1080 Ti

You can use New cuckatood29 miner download NBminer Click Here or Gminer Click Here from links

*NBminer Click Here had noit updated their miner. Use Latest Gminer to Mine Grin.

How to Mine Grin on Windows?

1. Download Gminer it’s best suited for Grin coin mining on Windows Click Here

2. Now you have to choose the best suitable mining pool to Mine Grin I had Tried Grin mint and Grin-pool You can choose either of them.

Grinmint Grin-pool
Registration required No yes
Withdraws by HTTP:// yes yes
Withdrawal by File upload yes No
Mining Fees 2% 0%
Minimum Payout 1 Grin No Minimum Payout
Make your choice Click Here Click Here

3. Make your choice and Go to Next Step

4. Now Extract the Gminer.

Grin Coin mining with Gminer in Grinmint

1. To mine with Grinmint pool use bat file and edit your email and password to use Click Here

miner.exe –algo grin29 –server –port 3416 –user [email protected] –pass 

edit those in red. and save the file. Don’t forget to include your password otherwise you won’t be able to withdraw Grins via http://

2. Move this file to your Gminer folder.

3. Run this .bat file and you are mining Grin coin on Grinmint.

4. You can track your mining via grinmint website by using your email address.

Grin Coin mining with NBminer in Grinmint

For NBminer you can use this .bat file and start mining Click Here

Grin Coin mining with bminer in Grinmint [Not Working]

1. To mine with Grinmint pool use bat file and edit your email and password to use Click Here

bminer.exe -uri cuckaroo29://[email protected]

edit those in red. and save the file. Don’t forget to include your password otherwise you won’t be able to withdraw Grins via http://

2. Move this file to your bminer folder.

3. Run this .bat file and you are mining Grin coin on Grinmint.

4. You can track your mining via grinmint website by using your email address.

Grin coin mining with Gminer in Grin-pool

1. Register to grin pool Click Here

2. Choose your user name and password.

3. Go to this link and get your username and password for Grin coin mining Click Here

Usually it’s your user name and rig1

4. Download this .bat file Click Here and place it in bminer

5. Edit in notepad. Use your username and password (shown in red) edit them and save the file.

miner.exe –algo grin29 –server –port 3416 –user danish.ahmed:rig16

5. Run this file and you are mining grin on grin-pool

6. To track your mining progress you can login to grin-pool website and check your dashboard.

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Grin Coin Mining Specifications

Coin Name – Grin

Algorithm – Cukoo29 (GPU) and Cukoo31 (ASIC)

24 Hour Mining Profitability – 1 USD

24 hours coin minted – 0.21 Grin

Temperature – 60ºC at 85% TDP

GPU Used – Gigabyte Aorus 1080Ti Extreme

Best Exchange To Trade Grin

Here is the comparison of Grin coin exchanges which I had used. The Best exchange as per me is Kucoin to trade Grin coins. I am not choosing Poloniex and Bittrex because Poloniex is getting errors on deposits. And there is no option to withdraw your grins from Bittrex or Poloniex.

Exchange Register here Reputation Deposit via http:// Deposit via file method Withdrawls Liquidity
Kucoin Click Here Good Yes No Yes High
Bittrex Click Here Good No Yes No High
Poloniex Click Here Good Yes Yes No High
Coinegg Click Here Low Yes No No Low
Lbank Click Here Low Yes No No  Medium

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Why to Mine Grin?

If you are looking for a coin to invest in 2019, Grin coin is a potential crypto project in 2019. With Main-net Launch 15 January 2019. The reason Why to mine Grin coin or why should it be the anticipated project in 2019; it is private and scalable than any other project in Crypto space.

Grin is a open source project and also some exchanges and mining pools are giving their share of profit for. Grin Project is not controlled by any individual or company or foundation. There is no pre-mine, founder’s reward or ICO.  It is listed on The major exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex, Kucoin, coinall and other major exchanges. Which also makes it a solid project.

It is based on Mimblewimble protocol. Term “Mimblewimble” is taken from Harry Potter series, which is used for tongue-tie so that they cannot speak. Same as Grin coin is a privacy coin and there are no addresses in the Grin coin block chain.  Grin coin transaction only involves the two parties in which amount is being transacted.

Also in Grin coin block chain  old and unnecessary transaction are removed from time to time. Which improves the efficiency of the block chain and also the size of Grin coin block chain is also reduced.

In a Grin block there the transaction amounts, transactions can be merged removing any intermediary information (and there are no addresses in Mimblewimble Protocol). So, the Blocks in grin contains no transactions but looks like one big transaction. All the spent outputs can safely removed from block chain. which reduces the size of Grin block chain. So, Users in turn download and verify block-chain faster than any other cryptocurrency.  As a result Grin coin can scale with the number of users rather than the number of transactions.

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