Grin Wallet Setup & How to Send and Receive Grin & Grin Wallet Errors with Solution

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In last part you had learnt how to setup a grin node on Windows. Now in this post you would be learning about how to create your grin wallet and how to receive and send Grin Coins. I would also be Talking about some errors which I had faced on installation. If you are getting one of them you can get all Grin wallet error solutions with this post. You can either send Grin coins via listener method or file method. Find both of this methods with this post.

You can learn about setting up grin node in Part 1 of this post Click Here for Grin Node Setup

Grin Node setup for Beginners 

Grin Wallet Setup + How to Send/Receive Grins via Grin wallet

How To Create Grin Wallet on Windows – Grin Wallet Setup Ubuntu

1. Run Ubuntu in VMware.

2. Open terminal

💡 You can also use shortcut for terminal by pressing simultaneously  Ctrl+Alt+T

3. Now run command

grin wallet init

You would be then prompted to enter your password. remember this password every time you use your wallet you need to enter this password.

Now you would see your 24 word recovery phrase. Note it down somewhere safe. This would be used to recover your wallet.


4. You wallet is now ready you can check your wallet via

grin wallet info

In this above screenshot the last warning was due to I didn’t sync my Grin node. Because I want to make this as

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How to Send Grin Coins via Grin Wallet

via file method

1. Create a transaction file via command

grin wallet send -m file -d 1.tx 10

here 1.tx is the transaction file which would be created in the current directory and you need to upload at the receiver and 10 is the amount of grin you are sending.

2. Once you uploaded the transaction file then you would get the response file from the receiver download it in current directory and then

grin wallet finalize -i 1.tx.response

This will post the translation to listening grin node and transaction would be confirmed within some time.

via Listening Mode

3. You can also send Grin via http:// method or via listener mode type

grin wallet send -d 10

Here is the address you want to send your grins and 10 is the amount you want to send to the wallet.

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How to Receive Grins to your Grin wallet

You can receive Grin coins to your grin wallet via either listener method or file method. I am only describing here file method of the same. I was also getting some issues with listener method to receive funds.

Grin Wallet Receive Funds via File Method

When you receive the transaction file then type in terminal

grin wallet receive -i <transation file name>

mine was “tx-89b89559-967b-4b11-af4e-9c6501764a09.json”

so I had type grin wallet receive -i tx-89b89559-967b-4b11-af4e-9c6501764a09.json

here “tx-89b89559-967b-4b11-af4e-9c6501764a09.json” name of transaction file which I had received. after this you can find the response file “tx-89b89559-967b-4b11-af4e-9c6501764a09.json.response” in the same directory upload it at source and finalize the transaction. ant then you would receive funds in your account.

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Grin Node Setup and Grin Wallet Installation Errors

These were the errors I had found when installing grin node and running grin wallet. If you had errors other than these, you can comment down below.

S.No. Error Reason Solution
1. Command ‘grin’ not found, Error comes when Grin directory is installed on your root directory so you are not able to access it without superuser privileges. Use sudo su and enter your password, before running command grin
2. mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/danish/grin’: File exists You had not installed Build-essentials to your system that’s why you are getting this error use sudo apt-get install build-essential. Then run the installation process
3. mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/danish/grin’: File exists system is not making folder with the same name as the file. (reason unknown) Use Alternate method to install grin it would work
4. tar (child): grin-v1.0.0-479973573-linux-amd64.tgz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
You had just copy paste command from Grin GitHub. Reason being now there is the updated grin node. use command tar xzf grin-v1.0.1-487947758-linux-amd64.tgz
5. Command ‘curl’ not found

when curl -sSf | sh; source $HOME/.cargo/env

you had not installed curl into your system before apt install curl


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