Bithumb Referral Code – 20% Discount on Trading Fees for New Users

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Bithumb invitation program brings referral commissions up to 40%. Bithumb invitees could enter referral code under referral section even if they had not registered using referral link. New Users who registers to Bithumb using this invitation code would receive 20% discount on their trading fees.  For referees 10% commissions would be paid for indirect referrals, Whereas direct referrals attract 20% commissions. Bithumb invitation program is open to all. Registration at Bithumb is valid to access all products of Bithumb family.

Bithumb gives 20% of the discount to new users in terms of commissions. The commissions would be returned to your account in form of actual token. Users who invite friends directly will get a 20% commission, while users who invite indirectly will get 10% commission. Users who accept the invitation will get a 20% commission of the transaction fees. It’s a Win-Win situation.

Bithumb Referral Program – 20% discount on Trading fees at Bithumb + Referral Rewards

 Bithumb Referral Code – eb7nat

Registration Link

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Why Join Bithumb?

Bithtumb is a Korea based exchange where you can trade in KRW (i.e. South Korea Won). If you had still not registered to Bithumb, I will give you reasons to join Bithumb.

1. Grab more profits by selling crypto-currencies at Bithumb

You can find crypto-currencies on Bitthumb whose prices are higher than the exchanges like Binance and Kucoin. Selling these  crypto-currencies at Bithumb would get you instant profits. Do Arbitrage trades and secure your profits.

💡 Always check the withdrawal fees before calculating profits. However If you are trading a large volume then withdrawal fees can be negligible.

2. High Liquidity

Bithumb is one of the high liquid exchanges. With 100+ trading pairs and daily trading volume of over 7 Billion USD on Bithumb Exchanges. Which makes buying and selling crypto-currencies on Bitthumb more easier.

3. Gateway to Bithumb Family

Only by one Bithumb account one can get access to Bitumb family. Which includes Bithumb DEX, Bithumb OTC, Xangle, Bithumb STOs, Bithumb blockchain economy, Bithumb custody, Bithumb Chain and Bithumb exchanges. One can trade on Bithumb as per his region too Bithumb exchanges consists; Bithumb SG is for Singapore users, Bithumb Global accessible for users all over globe and Bithumb for Korean users.

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How to Join Bithumb Referral Program?

1. Visit Click Here

2. Enter your email to register and click on send verification code.

3. Check your email inbox for verification code and enter it in required place.

4. Choose password and enter invitation code eb7nat.

5. Click on create account and now you are a part of the Bithumb family.

6. To Join Bithumb invitation program go to referral commission section under account tab.

7. There you will get your referral link.

8. If you had not entered the invitation code in step 4. You can also enter it under invitee tab under referral commission.

9. Share your referral link to your friends and family and grab commissions up to 40% of their trading fees.

10. Direct referrals attract 20% commissions and indirect referrals would get you 10% commissions.

Terms and Conditions

1. Commissions are only paid for the first 90 days of registration of referrals.

2. Any violation of the terms may lead to suspension of your account.

3. Commission amount is calculated as

Commission amount = Trading amount * Commission % * referral commission %

4. Commission fee of deposit and withdrawal, and the interest of leverage are not included in referral commission.

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