Mine Zero Coin – Most Profitable Coin For AMD and Nvidia Cards

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Zero coin mining is the best mining option for every graphic card either it is AMD or Nvidia. Zero coin is promising  and it’s in the early stage of mining. And every miner knows the best time to mine a coin is when the mining is in the first stages. As the time goes on and blocks get mined then the difficulty increases and thus results in poorer mining performance. You can mine Zero coin on AMD RX480 or Nvidia 1080, Nvidia 1070, Nvidia 1080Ti and even you can mine this using your CPU.

Note: The difficulty is increasing, But So is the price Anyhow Zero is still most profitable coin to mine at this time. and is on uptrend, Mine more If you had any queries you can ask them in comments

Privacy coins strikes to huge market in cryptocurrency market. Over the last year we seen immense growth in privacy coins like Zcash, Monero, Zcoin and there are more. Why privacy coins are so much demand. The answer to this is simple the parent of all cryptocurrencies Bitcoin lacks in the privacy. To overcome this weakness people tends to attracted towards these privacy coins. Latest addition to which is Zero coin, Zero Coin aims to fix the privacy issue in bitcoin.

Zero Coin Mining – Most Profitable Coin To Mine

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Why to Mine Zero Coin?

The Big question why to mine zero coin is simple. Zero coin aims to add privacy to bitcoin and it could be add as the extension for the same. And most importantly this project is new and thus the difficulty for mining is sure easy. Which would help you to mine more coins. As the time passes by Difficulty gets increased but today Zero coin is worth giving a shot. And the future of the same would also astonish the crypto community.


How to Mine Zero Coin?

Join Zero Coin Pool.

1. First You need to Join a pool to Mine I would prefer Suprnova pool. Click Here

2. Register to suprnova using your email address.

3. Go to mining dashboard.

Create a Worker for Zero Coin Mining

4. On the Side Bar click on My Workers under my Account Tab.

5. Create worker enter worker name and password.

6. Now You had created the Worker.

Best Miner To Mine Zero Coin

7. You Need to download a Miner Download OptiminerZ for the same.  Click Here

(Scroll down and there you will find releases for the miner under v1.2.0)

8. Extract the files.

9. Edit Start.bat file in notepad. Change these lines.

SET POOL=zero.suprnova.cc:6568

(You can change this if you are using pools other than suprnova or mining using CPU)

SET USER=moobar.worker

(Enter your worker name as username.workername)


(Enter Worker Password Here)


optiminer -s %POOL% -u %USER% -p %PASSWORD% -m 8080  

    (Don’t Change This line)

10.  Save the file.

11. Run Start.bat file and you are mining Zero coin.

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Zero Coin Mining Features

Miner – OptiminerZ

Power Consumption – Low

Algorithm – EQUIHASH 192,7

Temperature – 52ºC (For Nvidia 1080Ti)

24 Hour Profitability (Nvidia 1080Ti) – 10 USD

Update : Price is good now and on uptrend you can get more profits now

I am Using Nvidia 1080Ti, None the less you may calculate your Profitability on the basis of Hasrates on the Different Cards. I am here giving estimated Hash Rates on different Graphic Cards.

Nvidia 1080Ti – 15 S/s

AMD RX 290x (4GB)- 5.5 S/s

AMD RX 480 (8GB)- 9.1 S/s

Nvidia 1080 – 8.2 S/s

Exchanges Listed – Cryptopia, Tradesatoshi and more to be listed soon

I am mining Zero currency since Last 24 Hours and power consumption is around which is good and Temperature is about 50 degree Celsius. Which is again good. If you are mining Zero currency you may also consider this coin as great future awaits Zero currency. and Rewards for Zero currecy had also been lowered Too much. This is the best alternate coin to mine if you like Zero coin Mining You would love Zero coin mining also.

You can ask and queries in the comments. I would be happy to help you regarding any query.

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