Publish0X – Earn Money for Reading [Free Money] & How to Cash-out Publish0x Rewards

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Publish0x is the blogging plateform where readers can earn more money than writer or content creators. Tips in Publish0x comes from a reward pool which splits between both the author and the reader. At the end of the every article you can decide how much of the tip you want to give to the writer and how much you want to keep to yourself. Here the amount decided by the reader whether you want to keep 90% of the rewards for yourself or make it 80-20 it’s all up to the reader.Tips are always free, and you can also withdraw your tips from your account whenever you want.

I am using Steemit and Medium from a while. Publish0x gives chance to earn money (in form of crypto tokens) to both readers as well as the content-creators. You can earn by writing on Publish0x as well as on reading also. This article includes, How to earn money via Publish0X as a writer and reader and how to withdraw your money from publish0x wallet.

Publish0X – Rewarding Blogging Platform for Readers and Content Creaters

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Is Publish0x Better than Medium or Steemit?

This answer is not really clear. Publish0x had no any paywall like medium. You have to pay a subscription fees to get access to premium content on medium. Steemit is also one the platform which employs reward system. Medium is one the giants in the blogging platforms, you can find articles from the top writers and top companies on Medium.

Comparison Table Between Publish0x, Steemit and Medium
Publish0x Steemit Medium
Can Authors Earn? Yes Yes Some
Can Readers Earn? Yes No No
Can Anyone Become an Author? Yes Yes Yes
Platform Has Own Token? No Yes No
Mobile App Available No Yes Yes

This is a good comparison which is done by the publish0x. Publish0x is still a growing platform, I liked their fast and simple interface and obviously their rewards are fascinating too. Audience is still growing. Publish0x is still in beta phase. I would to love to use an android and ios app for the platform in future.  If you want to start your blog or want to earn rewards you can prefer Publish0x.

How to Earn Money as a Publish0x Reader for Free?

You can earn by reading articles on Publish0x. Just after completing the article you need to set the tipping bar as you want. As now I would want 20% for me and 80% for the author. I would set the bar to the same and then click on tip. Tips would be credited to the writer and you can also check the share of your tip in your account section.

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How to Become an Approved Author on Publish0x?

If you want to become an author on Publish0x, Click on your profile and then become and Author. Once you click on the same you would be asked to enter details like links to your other publishing medias. Once Approved you can start writing on Publish0x and start earning.

How to Cash Out Publish0x Rewards?

1. Go to your Publish0x Dashboard Click here Here you can see all the rewards you had earned till date.

2. Click on payments tab.

3. Add your Ethereum address to withdraw your rewards.

4. If you don’t have an ethereum address you can get it from Metamask Click here

5. Add Metamask extension to chrome wallet and create a new wallet.

💡 How to use Metamask step by step guide

6. Click on deposit and use the address to withdraw you rewards.

7. Click on add address on Publish0x and ether the address you had created.

8. An email would be sent to verify the same, click on the verification link and your address would be saved on the wallet.

9. Now click on withdraw and tokens would be transferred to your account.

10. If you want to sell them immediately you can refer to List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

11. Always keep in mind whenever you are making withdrawal you have to pay gas or transaction fees.

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