Phemex Exchange – Free Trading Bonus Worth 72$ + Free Premium Membership

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Phemex exchange is inviting new users with huge invitation bonus. You can grab up to 72 USD worth Invitation bonus when you register to Phemex using our referral code BEL6N. You can use this bonus for your trades on Phemex. Use this trading bonus to open your positions on futures market, trading fees and cover your losses. You would not be able to withdraw your invitation bonus. But you can always withdraw your profits from your trade. Money saved is money made, Right?

The party is not over yet Phemex is also giving premium trials. Once you complete your registration you can claim those on your first login for FREE. Premium members on Phemex exchange would be able to trade on spot exchange with zero fees. and Only premium members would be able to share premium trials. 

Premium trials are beneficial for active traders. You can purchase this after it expires. If you registered and You do not make trades you can’t claim any benefits for that. Active traders would love Phemex Premium.

Phemex Referral Code – BEL6N – Free Trading Bonus worth 72$ + Zero Fees Trading with Phemex Premium

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How to Register at Phemex Exchange

1. Visit Phemex Exchange Click Here

2. Click on register and enter your email and desired password.

💡 Use Referral code BEL6N is it’s not filled already. This is required to get you Phemex invitation bonus.

3. Proceed to next step. You would receive a verification code in your email.

4. Enter 6 digit verification code and complete your registration.

5. Upon successful registration your wallet would be credited with 2 USD worth of BTC.

6. Not only this you would also be able to get free premium trial on Phemex.

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Claim 72 USD Bonus on Phemex

You can claim all 72 USD worth of invitation bonus by following these simple steps. 2 USD bonus is credited after your complete registration. You can claim extra 10$ bonus via social media challenge. and 60$ bonus can be claimed on your first deposit of 1500 USDT or 0.2 BTC.

Claim Trading Bonus on Registration – 2$ Bonus

Complete your registration using our referral link. and your account would be credited with 2 USD worth of trading bonus. You can check that under your wallet section.

Complete Phemex Social Media Challenge – 10$ Bonus

To claim this bonus follow these simple steps.

  • Follow Phemex on Twitter
  • Retweet Pinned Tweet and tag your three friends
  • Complete this form
  • Your bonus would be credited within 2 days

Make First Deposit – 60$ Bonus

Make First deposit into your Phemex account worth 0.2 BTC or 1500 USDT or more. Your bonus would be credited on your successful deposit. Remember to credit the whole amount in single deposit only. Deposits less than 0.2 BTC or 1500 USDT wouldn’t bring you this bonus. 


Why Phemex?

This is a question I ask myself every-time, when I look for a new exchange. No exchange could be perfect, but still we are having a few of them which are good. If you ask me I like to trade on multiple exchanges. And yes I gets many trading opportunity because of this. 

With more exchanges in my portfolio I can have more variety of coins. Major coins are listed on almost all exchanges say it binance, bitmex, bybit, bithumb or poloniex. Every exchange is having a unique set of altcoins like  FTX, Kucoin and Bittrex are having unique set of altcoins which are almost nowhere. And some of them when lists on exchange like binance. Voila they get you good profits. Though selection of altcoin must be good. Also you can have arbitrage opportunities with variety of exchanges. These opportunities are of low risk and gets huge rewards.

These are the reasons why I prefer to register with Phemex.

  • First reason being, Their invitation bonus is awesome. Everyone likes rewards. 
  • Platform developers are Former Morgan Stanley employees. They bring their trading platform as par with the market standards.
  • Easy to use APIs and Sub Account Feature.
  • Leverage Trading up to 100x
  • No KYC requirement for registration.
  • Trading on the go with Mobile App.

Phemex Referral Program

Want to earn extra bucks you can use phemex referral program to earn extra bucks. You gets free trading bonus on your registration. Earn more referral rewards when you refer your friends and family onto the platform. You can also join Phemex All star campaign to get extra commissions.

You can find your referral link under your account section

Register for Phemex All Star Program Click Here

Term and Conditions

  1. Multiple accounts and spam can lead to termination of your account.
  2. You cannot withdraw your trading bonus.
  3. Phemex premium trial is only valid for first week of your registration.
  4. Self Referrals are not allowed.


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