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I recently started my trades on Tradingview. You can check my trades on Tradingview. I am not a professional trader. I am just sharing My ideas So, That I can improve them and get different views from traders. I would suggest you to check them. Maybe some of them could help you. Or you can help me to improve mine ideas. 

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If you are not registered to tradingview you must register. Here is my referral link for same. Both of us can get benefit from the same. You get 30$ and I would also get 30$ after you upgrade to premium plan.

Tradingview premium gets you more indicators to make your trades better. and a premium badge. You can use this bonus to pay for premium plans. Anyhow you can claim 30 days of free trial on tradingview premium on your registration.

Tradingview had awesome traders and we share different trading ideas. You can find many profitable ideas there.If you want to support me You can register using my referral links on Binance, Bitmex, bybit and other best crypto exchanges. Both of us can get profits from those. 


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