Kreds Coin Mining- Nvidia 1080 Ti Mining, New coin, Super low Difficulty [70 MH/s Miner Updated]

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New Lyra2REv2 coin to mine, Mine kreds coin, kreds coin best miner. The coin is not listed in any of the exchanges. From last few days we had seen all the market had taken a dip. I would take Kreds coin for my 1080 Ti mining rig. This is purely a gamble but see what price kreds coin can achieve. I can’t give you kreds coin profitability at this moment. You can find best miner, how to mine kreds coin and best kreds coin mining pool for now. Which would give you better rewards.

Kreds Coin Mining Guide for Nvidia 1080 Ti

[Faster miner updated, Now 70MH/s]

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Why to Mine Kreds Coin?

The question in our minds why should we mine kreds coin. The coin is not released yet. You cannot sell it and make money or even predict the profitability of the same. Keep this thing in mind. Profit is only got by selling the coins, Mining coins could also be a wise investment. You would be a millionaire by mining bitcoins in early 2010 or can mine ethereum in 2014. We can never predict the prices in the early stages of any currencies.

Kreds coin is new and Kreds coin mining is just started from yesterday. and difficulty is super low, Not many miners know about the same. You can mine lots of kreds now and can sell them in future.

Kreds coin have masternode, and it’s lightning network compatible. You would get lightning fast transactions. Atomic swaps compatible, You can swap it for any other cryptocurrencies without any third party. and Segwit is active which gives larger block sizes which in turn can handle a no. of transactions in short period of time.

Kreds Coin Mining Specifications

Coin Name – Kreds

Algorithm – Lyra2REv2

24 Hour Mining Profitability – ??

24 hours coin minted – 113 Kreds

Block Time – 120 seconds

Temperature – 61ºC at 85% TDP

Max Block Size – 4 MB

DIfficulty Retargeting – New D106

Block Rewards – 225 Kreds

Maximum Coin Supply – 1.1 Billion

Exchange Listed Crypto-Bridge

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How to Mine Kreds Coin

Firstly you have to join a mining pool here is the list of the same.

Suprnova Miningpower PoolDaddy PoolofD32th Yaslokpool

Best Mining Pool for Kreds coin is Suprnova

If you didn’t want to download Kreds wallet. and want to simplify the mining process i will recommend you to go for suprnova. I am using suprnova and other pools from quite a while and suprnova comes best for me

Mine Kreds with Suprnova

If you are mining with suprnova follow these steps.

1. Go to suprnova Click here

2. click on register.

3 .Register a new account using your email.

4. Now you have to create a worker. go to My Account > My Workers in the sidebar.

5. Go to Add New Worker. and enter Worker name and password.

6. Download kreds nvidia miner Click here

➡ Github Miner link for Kreds Click here

7. Edit Kreds.bat and enter your worker name and worker password and save the file.

ccminer-alexis -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u  ahmeddanish226.user  -p password

8. Run kreds.bat and now you are mining Kreds coin.

Kreds Mining on Miningpower, Pooldaddy, Poolofd32th or Yaslokpool

1. Download kreds coin wallet Click here

2. Sync it to network, go to receive and click on request payment to get your kreds address.

3. Go to pool.Miningpower PoolDaddy PoolofD32th Yaslokpool

4. Download kreds nvidia miner Click here

5. Edit kreds.bat file as

ccminer-alexis -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u  <your Kreds Address>  -p <leave it empty>

change stratum to your desired mining pool stratum.

6. You can register your wallet address under wallet tab in mining pool and can track your hashrate and shares there.

7. Start Kreds.bat and now you are mining kreds coin.

Overclock Settings

These overclock settings i am using currently

TDP – 85%

it is giving me temperature of about 60ºC. If you can work with upto 70ºC you can try 100-120% TDP.

Core – +75

Memory Clock – +400

Graphic Card – Gigabyte 1080 Ti Aorus Xtreme edition

Application Used – MSI Afterburner

37 thoughts on “Kreds Coin Mining- Nvidia 1080 Ti Mining, New coin, Super low Difficulty [70 MH/s Miner Updated]”

  1. Hello admin
    my Graphic Card is MSI 1080 TI Gaming X
    Driver: NVIDIA CUDA 8.0 and 9.1 is runing

    Overclock Settings

    TDP – 85%

    Core – +75

    Memory Clock – +400

    Application Used – MSI Afterburner

    but only 47MH/s

    please tell me how to set for 60MH/s
    thank you very much!

  2. Using the “Mine Kreds with Suprnova”:
    – downloaded the Kreds Nvidia miner
    – edited the .bat file with worker name and password
    – when i start the miner, it detects the GPU’s but gives a “retrying after 30 seconds…” message

    Can you help?

    • check stratum stratum+tcp://
      this happens because of stratum downtime. check the startum and run .bat file again.
      and keep this in mind you have to re-register to kreds database even if you already have a suprnova account.
      if problem persists please share your starum file i would help you with the same

  3. Hi can i suggest using Excavator with Excavator Gui, i have noticed a 15% increase in my hashing power. For Lyra2v2 i’d highly suggest checking it out.


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