Free Bitcoin Referral Programs – Earn Free Crypto Tokens and Rewards on Registration

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If you want to earn free bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. Then this post is made for you,You can always buy bitcoin and trade it for higher returns. But there are some exchanges which give you free crypto tokens and bitcoin through their invite programs. Here I am curating some of the best crypto exchanges which reward you on your registration. To claim these invitation bonus and free crypto tokens you only need to register on their trading platform.

Free Bitcoin Referral Programs – Referral Programs to Earn Free Bitcoins

Free Bitcoin Referral program

Questions Related with Free Bitcoin Referral Programs

Why would Exchange Give Free Bitcoins or Crypto Tokens?

While you get the free tokens and other invitation bonuses from an exchange. What does exchange get in return, While you make money via trading on the platform and claiming the lucrative rewards. Exchanges get their share of prize.Exchanges always thrive to get traders to use their platform. The number of traders on the platform does also affect the trading volume. Higher trading volume also comes with more trading fees and there comes the profit of the exchange. Invitation bonus comes with reward to both the trader and the exchange. It’s a win-win situation.

What are the Invitation Bonus or Free Bitcoins?

While some exchanges give you rewards in terms of crypto tokens like Bitmart and Bitmax or directly in terms of USD like bybit or OKX. There are also some exchanges which reward you via giving you discounts on trading fees. This is also a good option remember “Money saved is money made”. Exchanges like Binance, bitmex or FTX are the ones which offer the invitation bonus in terms of the trading fees discount.

How to Grab Rewards on the Registration?

You can grab the invitation bonuses via completing your registration on the exchange. Most of the exchanges offer registration bonus which is directly deposit to your account when you registers using an referral code or referral link. While some of the exchanges offer deposit bonus. You deposit some money on the exchange and there you get your bonus. They doesn’t require you to lock your deposit to your wallet. You can always withdraw your deposit and claim your bonus.

Top Free Bitcoin Referral Programs for Invitation Bonus

I am categorizing the free bitcoin referral programs into two parts. One where you get Invitation bonus in terms of crypto tokens and other where you would be getting

Top Exchanges for Free Crypto Tokens.

90$ Trading Bonus on Registration at Bybit

Bybit exchange is giving trading bonus to all of its users an invitation bonus up to 90$ on registration. Trading bonus worth 10$ would be deposited directly to your wallet on registration. and You can claim the extra 80$ on completing some simple tasks. To register on bybit you only need to follow the bybit referral link stated above.

Bybit Referral LinkClick Here

10$ Trading Bonus on OKX

OKX exchange is giving 10$ worth of trading bonus free. You can claim this trading bonus via making deposit of 100$ to OKX wallet.

OKX Referral LinkClick Here

20 BMX Tokens on Registration at Bitmart Exchange

You can claim 20 BMX tokens for free when you complete your registration at Bitmart exchange. These tokens are first in freeze state, To unfreeze these tokens you have to complete trade worth 0.01 BTC on Bitmart trading Platform.

Bitmart Referral Code – ctRT6M

Click Here

Top Exchanges for Trading Fees Discount

10% Discount on Trading Fees at Binance

You can claim 10% discount on trading fees at binance by registering through this referral link. Binance is one of the top exchanges with high liquidity and it’s also one of my personal favorite exchange.

Binance Referral LinkClick Here

10% Discount on Trading Fees at Bitmex

You can claim 10% of discount in trading fees through this referral link. This discount is valid for first 6 months of registration on Bitmex exchange.

Bitmex Referral LinkClick Here


20% Discount on Trading Fees at Bithumb

Bithumb is an Korea based exchange. You can claim 20% discount on trading fees by registrations under bithumb referral program. Even if you are already registered to Bithumb you can claim this via entering Referral code eb7nat under referral section in your bithumb account.

Bithumb Referral LinkClick Here

25% Discount on Trading Fees at Switcheo

Switcheo is a decentralized trading platform. You can claim discount of 25% by registering through this referral link. You can trade both neo and ethereum based tokens on switcheo exchange.

Switcheo Referral LinkClick Here

Terms and Conditions

1. Exchanges reserves the right to amend any rules pertaining to their referral programs without prior notice.

2. Duplicate registration may not get you registration bonus.

3. Any violation of referral terms would lead to cancellation of your account.

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