Bitfinex Affiliate Program – 6% Discount on Trading Fees + Buy Gift Card with Bitcoin

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Bitfinex exchange is one of the top crypto derivative platform. Whether you want to trade on leverage or want to trade variety of altcoins. You would  love Bitfinex referral program. Register using our  Bitfinex referral code and you would be getting 6% of discount on trading fees. Registration under bitfinex referral program would surely save you some extra bucks. You can also earn more with bitfinex affiliate program with some multipliers.

There are also more perks being a bitfinex member. Social platform like bitfinex pulse would add more delight to your trading. Extra bucks can also be earned by staking on Bitfinex. There is also bitrefill, where you can buy a wide variety of gift cards with bitcoin and alts. Read this post to find out more reasons to love bitfinex.

Bitfinex Referral Program – Register with Referral Code to Claim 6% Fee Rebate

Bitfinex Referral Code – FQopr72pJ Click Here

How to Register on Bitfinex?

1. Visit Registration link Click Here

2. Click on open account.

3. Enter your username, email and desired password.

4. Remember to use referral code FQopr72pJ to get 6% fee rebate.

5. Click on signup and open your bitfinex account.

6. Click on verification link in your email and complete your registration.

7. I would recommend you to complete your KYC. It will increase your trading limits also you can get priority access to Bitfinex products which is awesome.

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Why Choose Bitfinex?

You would love trading on Bitfinex. Their charts are professional, you would enjoy trading with high liquidity. There are more reasons why you would love bitfinex platform. You can also access different bitfinex products after your registration. These are the bitfinex products which I like to use. The platform is evolving day by day and there are still more hidden surprises from Bitfinex.

Bitrefill – Buy GiftCard with Bitcoin

Bitrefill would help you to buy gift card with bitcoin. You can always withdraw you bitcoin in fiat currencies like USD, INR, EUR, GBP etc. If you are looking to buy gift card directly with bitcoin this platform if for you. You can access 1000+ different gift cards and wallet services like steam, uber, ebay, nike, amazon, google and paytm on bitrefill. You can also choose to pay your bills directly with bitcoin. The variety of options on their platform is tremendous. You would find almost all of the gift card retailers on bitrefill. An unverified bitfinex user can spend 1000$ per day. A KYC verification could increase your limits to 5000$ per day. You can access bitrefill with your bitfinex credentials. Access bitrefill with this link.

Click Here

Token Sales

You can participate in various token sales when you register to bitfinex. These token sales would help to invest in your favorite projects before anyone else. If you are an early investor, who wants to make money by investing in legit token sales. Bitfinex would fulfill all of your demands. Successful token sales like DUSK, Ultra and Ampleforth had been done on bitfinex platform. These coins would be listing on bitfinex after their token sale. Listing on Bitfinex boost their prices and you can get good returns. These projects had also been listing on exchanges like binance and kucoin.

Bitfinex Pulse

If you are someone who creates content or a trader. Both of you would like this platform. You can access crypto news and publish quality content on bitfinex pulse. You can enable your bitfinex pulse account from pulse dashboard. Remember to complete your KYC if you want to create content on pulse. Unverified users would only be able post content in private. KYC users can publish their content publicly and attract more users. This platform could get you updated with the crypto news and also you can make audience for your channel.

Bitfinex Affiliate Program/ Bitfinex Referral Program

If you want to earn crypto without spending a penny. Bitfinex Affiliate program is the best way to do so. Anyone can become a bitfinex affiliate and start earning. To join Affiliate program you must register as a bitfinex user. You can use same credentials to access your affiliate dashboard and bitfinex exchange. Track your referral earning  on real-time via your dashboard. You can also use Multipliers for Bitfinex affiliate which will multiply your earnings and give you more commissions from the referrals.

Not only this affiliate program helps affiliates to make money. There is also a reward for referrals using the referral link for their registrations. Affiliate would be getting 18% of commissions on trading fees whereas referrals would also be getting 6% fee rebate on their trading fees.

Bitfinex registration link Click Here

Three Levels of Earning in Bitfinex Referral Program

Bitfinex referral program follows a level based commission structure. You would not only be earning through the direct referrals, you can also claim a part of the reward for up to three levels of referrals. Your commissions varies from 18% to 2% per referral. Here is the commission structure for each level of referrals.

Referral Level Commission
Direct Referrals 18%
1st level Referrals

(Referrals made by your direct referrals)

2nd level Referral

(Referrals made by 1st level referrals)


How to Get your Referral Code?

1. Register to Bitfinex Click Here

2. After you successfully registered to Bitfinex.

3. Go to Bitfinex Affiliate dashboard Click Here

4. Click on generate referral code from the top right section.

5. Once you created a referral code you can share this to your friends and family.

6. They would be getting 6% of fee rebate and you would be getting commissions on their trades.

How to Increase Earning with Bitfinex Multipliers?

If you want to get more from referral program. You can earn extra via using these multipliers. You would be getting more referral rewards after using these multipliers. Here is list of multipliers you can use for Bifinex Referral program.

Complete Your KYC 1.2x Multiplier
Your referral completes his KYC 1.2x multiplier
Hold UNUS SED LEO token 500+ USDt LEO equivalent – 1.1x multiplier

5,000+ USDt LEO equivalent – 1.2x multiplier

50,000+ USDt LEO equivalent – 1.5x multiplier

Social Media 1000 Followers – 1.1x multiplier

10,000 followers – 1.2x multiplier

Terms and Conditions

1. Duplicate referrals are not allowed.

2. Commission and fee rebates decreases after each thirty days.

3. Affiliates would only be able access their commissions from referrals.

4. Bitfinex reserves the right to amend any rules and change promotions without prior notification.

Read full Bitmex Referral terms and conditions here

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