OKEX Referral Code – 30$ Rebate Card for All Users + 10% Discount on Trading Fees [Exclusive]

OKEx referral program brings 50$ bonus for new registrations. If you are someone who had not tried OKEx yet. Grab this OKEx invite and get and added bonus of 50$ on your registration. Earn more bonus at OKEx via OKEx referral program and OKEx affiliate program.

We got an extra special promotion from OKEx exclusive to webleone users. you can claim 50$ worth of bonus when you register with our link instead of 10$ bonus. Register to one of the best crypto  exchange and get extra joy with us.

While you can earn via referring your friends and family to OKEx trading platform. They would also be rewarded with the invitation bonus from OKEx referral program. It’s a win-win situation. To Claim this invitation bonus of 10$. You have to made a minimum trade of 100$ on OKEx.

OKEx is one of the major crypto-currency exchange in the word. Founded in 2017 you can trade 350+ trading pairs on OKEx. You can do margin trading, spot trading and also access OKEx decentralized exchange based on OKchain.

OKEx Referral Program – Register to OKEx and Grab 110$ Bonus and 10% Discount on Trading Fees 

OKEX Referral Code – 1884660

Registration Link

Note – If I get referrals more than 1000 then I would increase it to 20% Kickback for all users who registers under my referral code.


OKEX Exclusive Invitation Offers

Promotion 5 – 30$ Rebate Card for New and Existing Users

Click Here

While OKEx team is working on the recent issue they are giving a 30$ Rebate card for all users as compensation. Use this card to pay your trading fees on the platform. Rewards would be credited into your account within 7 days

How to join

1. Login to your OKEx account Click Here

2. Click on this link and register for this event with your OKEx user ID, email and telegram ID. Click Here

3. Submit this form.

4. Every participant who has traded before 0AM, Nov 02, 2020 (UTC+8) can get a 30$ rebate card reward, which is valid for 1 month.

5. Rewards will be sent within 7 working days after the event ends.

Promotion 4 – Win up to 2000 USD in Bitcoin by Trading

OKEx Community Futures MVP Contest

Click Here

Event Period:2020/09/28 8:00 AM to 2020/10/11 8:00 AM (UTC)

Here comes our new contest with a prize pool of $2000! As an individual trader, you have the opportunity to win. You can win these prizes by participating in this competition

1st: 500 USDT
2nd:400 USDT
3rd:300 USDT
4th-6th: Share 200 USDT
7th-10th: Share 100 USDT
11th-20th: Share 500U Trading Rebate Card

Promotion 4 – 110 USD worth of Bitcoin

Only New friends register from this page can join this new trader event!

Bonus 1: 50$!

A. Deposit ≥100$ crypto (only new OKEX account), you’ll get 20$ Trading Fee Rebate Card.
B. Trade ≥100$, you will get 10$ Bonus!
C. Trade 3 days (trading volume≥100$ each time) and get extra 20$ Bonus!

Bonus 2: 10$!

Buy 100$ worth of any crypto through OKEX “buy crypto” function, you will automatically get 10$ #BTC Bonus!

Bonus 3: 50$!

Pass KYC2 and finish trading tasks, you’ll get $50 in Bitcoin.

Promotion 3 – 50 USD worth of Bitcoin

To claim 50 USD worth of Bitcoin on your registration all you have to do is complete level 2 verification on OKEx and complete trading tasks.

Promotion 2 – 110 USD Bonus

Valid till 0:00 AM, 27th of August, (UTC Time)

✅ Bonus 1: Try OKEX SWAP/FUTURES/OPTION (any one) trading with more than 10000 USD, you can get another 50$ (free USDT)+ 50$ (trading fee rebate card)💰

✅ Bonus 2: Buy 100$ worth of crypto through OKEX “buy crypto” function, you will get 10 USDT Bonus in 5 mins!💰

Promotion 1 -50 USDT

Valid for Time Period – 0:00 AM, 12th~0:00 AM, 19th of August, (UTC Time)

✅Bonus 1: Deposit ≥200$ crypto from outside (not from another OKEX account) and trade spot ≥200$ crypto for 3 times in a week, you will get 20 USDT Bonus!💰

✅ Bonus 2: Try OKEX SWAP/FUTURES/OPTION (any 1 of 3) trading with more than 200$, you can get another 10 USDT!💰

✅ Bonus 3: Buy 100$ worth of crypto through OKEX “buy crypto” function, you will automatically get 10 USDT Bonus!

How to Register at OKEx Exchange

1. Visit OKEx registration link Click Here

2. Enter your email address and choose your password.

💡 You can register to OKEx using mobile number or email address.

3. Click on get code to receive an verification code on your email.

4. Enter the code, mark the terms and conditions and click on signup to create your account.

5. You would get a confirmation email on your account and your account is now ready.

6. You can login to your account using these credentials i.e. email and password.

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OKEx Referral Program and Affiliate Program

Refer your friends to OKEx and get 10$ on each successful referral. You can also get a percentage of trading fees when you are upgraded to OKEx affiliate program.

1. Visit Click Here

2. Login into your account.

3. Click on referral under promotion tab.

4. There you get your referral link.

5. Share this with your friends and family and earn rewards

To become an OKEx affiliate and earn more commissions you have to refer minimum 10 persons. After which you would be promoted to OKEx affiliate.

Terms and Conditions

1. Duplicate referrals are not allowed.

2. 10$ bonus would only be added after referral had made a minimum deposit of 100$ on OKEx.

3. To claim 100$ bonus, trade must be done within 180 days of registration at OKEx.

4. Any malicious activity can lead to suspension of your affiliate account.

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